Vice-President of the board

Anna Mikołajczyk

Vice-President of the board at Mikomax Smart Office

Vice President and co-founder of Mikomax Smart Office, a family business with over 25 years of experience in the arrangement and optimization of office space. The company’s client portfolio covers leading organizations from the consulting, financial, technological and pharmaceutical industries. Mikomax Smart Office has an international distribution channel, including almost 70 Partners in Poland and abroad.

Since the founding of the company Anna Mikołajczyk has been responsible for the creation and brand management. For three years she successively has been transferring the area of her previous activity to her daughter Zuzanna. In the company is also working her son Maciej, who is responsible for the production area.

Passionate about design, marketing activities based on respect for the customer and new technologies supporting communication. She graduated The University of Warsaw (the Institute of Russian Studies) and postgraduate studies of PR at SWPS University. From several years, keen golfer.