Anna Bielak – Dworska

Successor, Vice-President in family firm SATERNUS GROUP Sp. Z O.O. S.K.A.  Since 2004, she collects experience in various workplaces with a diverse range of duties and responsibilites. Currently she focues her activities on two projects: construction of a 3-year sales strategy, which involves implementation of a line of innovative products in cooperation with The National Centre for Research and Development. Second project is a new business which is related to the revitalization of Donnersmarck Palace-Park complex in Siemianowice Śląskie. A graduate from University of Economics in Katowice, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Academy of Leadership Psychology. Longtime member of the national team in the discipline of horse dressage, medalist of Polish Championships and participant of European Championships. In her spare time she is sewing, writing stories and trying not to talk with her family about business.